Why Buy Mk-2866

Mk-2866 is an investigational androgen receptor modulator, or SARM, used in treatment of muscle wasting conditions and osteoporosis. It works by exerting its anabolic effects solely on the tissue in skeletal muscles. People buy mk2866 for a variety of conditions such as AIDS or other cancer-related wasting, age-related muscular atrophy or sarcopenia, to lessen atrophy during recovery time from deep surgery or other related situations. It is effective in increasing and maintaining lean body mass. Mk-2866 is also known as Ostarine.

chemicalsIn a study, mk2866 met the main endpoint of lean body mass measured by a DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) scan. It did this by showing statistically substantial increases in lean body mass in contrast to the baseline in mk2866 1mg and 3mg treatments. Another study on mk-2866 regarding the treatment of cachexia was done, and it was found that there is a potential for SARMS to aid those suffering from cachexia by way of increasing patients’ lean body mass. It was also mentioned that there are currently no FDA-approved therapies that is available for cachexia. The reason to buy mk-2866 is for this and other similar conditions.

It should be noted that mk2866, or Ostarine, can be confused with andarine but they are not the same. The chemical structure of mk2866 has not been made public, but its chemical composition is being revealed in patient databases. Mk2866 and Andarine/S-4, S-23 are some of the most advanced putative therapeutics that are under investigation, though there are also other SARM chemotypes that exist, such as bicyclic hydantoins, quinolinones, and quinolines. The difference of mk2866 from andarine is the cyano substitutions on the phenyl rings for it takes the place of both the acematido and nitro moieties.

In another study of mk2866, they found that old men and women had an increase in muscle of about 3 lbs on average. It is of note that these were old people, which meant that they had few anabolic hormones in their body and were more likely to react better to mk2866 as opposed to a young person with good levels of testosterone. Other users who buy mk-2866 have stated slight gains in strength and in size. Majority of the people who buy mk-2866 use it in cycles because of the belief that it is less suppressive to the natural hormones, while others do a post cycle therapy (PCT) after mk-2866 because while mk2866 can be suppressive at certain doses, it does not necessarily allow for full recovery. This means that PCT must be done afterwards.

While it is possible to buy mk2866, it has been advertised as being unsafe for human consumption, though, a pharmaceutical company named GTx has been going through some FDA approved trials on mk2866. Until GTx is finished with their testing, mk2866 is still out there and available for purchase. Sellers of mk-2866 should submit a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) to the FDA before selling it, but this rarely happens because they know that the FDA would never give the green light for the sale of mk2866 as a dietary supplement because of the fact that it is being investigated by GTx as a drug. Again, though, until it is outright banned, mk2866 can be bought and can even be seen being advertised online and it comes in small bottles.

In the end, it is up to the people if they wish to try out mk2866 or other SARMs. A lot of forums online, especially bodybuilding forums, have people tell of their experiences with mk2866. They even give their recommendations on ideal use and dosage. So far, there have been no reports of any major side effects while using mk2866.