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Hello.  I’m Carol McGibbon.  This is my first blog.  I want to share my journey towards building a business online as well as help others to reach this goal.  With jobs being so insecure, it is important to have another way to earn income.

An internet business, compared to other businesses does not take that much money to get started, but do not fool yourself, it takes some money and a lot of hard work, with a mentor.  There is definitely a steep learning curve, if you try to do this by yourself, starting from scratch.

When I started with my first program, I followed along, did everything I was instructed  and in under a month I saw my first $100 in my Clickbank account.  I was so excited, I took several pictures of the page, showed my sisters.  The next week the $100 was gone.  It was refunded, but I knew it was possible to make money online.

That was almost two years ago.  Since then I have tried my different programs and courses and am learning what is necessary to make money online.

You definitely need mentor, coach, program, or challenge  to help you.  Start with the reasons why you want to make money online and keep telling yourself you will be successful.  Towards this end I have started a new program called The Quick Start Challenge.  It is a five week challenge that will teach you how to start a blog in the internet marketing niche.

Each week I will be telling you how the challenge is going and inviting you to share your experiences, successes or failures with your online business.  The challenge for week 1 is to start a Word Press blog.

How do you  set up a WordPress blog?   Here are some  resources and what they cost.

  • Domain Name :                $10
  • Hosting:                                $9 monthly
  • Autoresponder:               $15- $20 monthly
  •  blog:     Independence
  • Time:                                       >7 hours weekly
  • Perseverance:                    Get help to complete tasks.

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Carol McGibbon

Tips on starting an internet home business using internet marketing to make an online income.